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At The Boutique Law Group, we care about every one of our clients and we work diligently for their interests. We combine professionalism and experience with compassion and commitment. We strive to be welcoming and accommodating, and to provide friendly service to all of our clients, even as we also vow to fight aggressively on their behalf, upholding their rights and best interests. We know our clients well, we keep them informed, and we have a genuine interest in them and their cases. We want trust and transparency to be the lasting impressions our clients have of our office and our team.

We Can Provide Legal Help in the Following Areas

Probate and Trust Administration & Litigation
The death of a loved one can lead to a flurry of legal and financial implications, and even a loss that is anticipated can bring unanswered questions. Navigating the complexities of the estate obligations and the probate court is the last thing family members want to do during their season of grief, which is why they turn to our law group for guidance.
Estate Planning
A well planned estate can save a family a great deal of trouble. Avoiding probate, providing for care, and protecting the integrity of an estate are just a few of the reasons to prepare an estate plan. We can assist people and families with all of their estate planning needs, from single documents to comprehensive plans, and amendments to specialized trust and estate planning.
Family Law
Family matters can be stressful and emotional. Mixing legal and family matters can be overwhelming. Separation, divorce, adoption, children, pre- and postnuptial agreements, or whatever family matter you may be dealing with, it can be difficult to do alone. We are committed to providing the best legal service to mitigate the stress of your family law matter and make the process as painless as possible.
Conservatorships and Guardianships
In the occasion that an individual needs to be cared for, in finances, legal affairs, health care or simple well-being, an appointment of conservator or guardian may be necessary. Conservatorships and guardianships require careful legal scrutiny, which is something that our attorneys can provide to families in need.
Business Law
Our team of legal professionals is equipped to advise and assist business owners in most matters related to business law-especially issues that may be contested. We strive to address these issues and arrive at solutions through mediation and settlement,using litigation only as a last resort. We also provide routine legal assistance to business owners to help avoid legal troubles and to ensure our clients’ businesses run smoothly.

Why Choose Us

The team at The Boutique Law Group combines approachability with professionalism, a caring demeanor with a rigorous work ethic – but in the end, the reason to select our firm boils down to this: We are passionate about the law we practice, and we only work toward things that we care about deeply.

We know that probate, trust and business law scenarios can be frustrating and even intimidating, but everyone in our office is committed to making the process as pleasant as possible for our clients – putting them at ease and offering real peace of mind.

We maintain a small-firm environment – even in busy Los Angeles – and know all of our clients well. We invite you to experience our personal touch, combined with our significant experience in the practice of law.

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Every member of our team is dedicated not only to the legal interests of our clients, but their well-being and satisfaction with our services. We are a team of experienced and committed legal professionals…


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We are eager to provide you with approachable, friendly legal care and stalwart professionalism, whether in planning for the future or navigating a stormy season in your life or business. Contact The Boutique Law Group to learn more.

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