An annulment effectively invalidates a marriage or domestic partnership. This may be an option for marriages or domestic partnerships that do not meet certain legal requirements or were never fully valid. An annulment differs from a divorce or legal separation because parties to an annulment were never truly married in the eyes of the law. Also, annulments are relatively rare and often require the assistance of an attorney.

For a court to annul a marriage or domestic partnership, there are certain qualifications which cause the union to be invalid. These qualifications include fraud, physical incapacitation, a party’s age, bigamy, duress, and incest. It can be difficult to obtain an annulment, so it is important to obtain experienced and knowledgeable legal help.

When children and matters of support are involved, annulments can be even more complicated. Determining division or property, custody, and support is especially difficult because an annulment effectively invalidates the union, invalidating interests and community property characterizations.

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