Estate Planning


A well planned estate will not only ensure that your wishes are carried out, it will also account for your needs, preserve the integrity of your estate, and shield your loved ones from the lengthy and complicated probate process.

An estate plan involves the preparation of a number of legal documents, not only trust and will(s), to protect your assets and wishes and to plan for the unthinkable. In order to ensure that your wishes are upheld, it is vital to prepare and file these documents properly—something that is best done with the guidance of an attorney.

Our Process

  1. Meeting & Understanding: We begin the estate planning process by meeting with our clients, to discuss the specifics of their plan and to ensure all questions are answered.
  2. Drafting: Our team will then draft the documents in your plan, and assist you in understanding them prior to finalizing anything.
  3. Finalizing: When you are ready to set your plan in motion, we will meet with you to sign the documents, and make sure that deeds are properly recorded and you have proper instruction to secure assets within the estate plan.

Our process typically takes two to four weeks.

Our estate planning services are extensive, and we are able to prepare a plan to meet the wishes and needs of any client. We offer comprehensive plan packages tailored to fit a variety of needs and amendments to make changes to existing plans. We are also able to prepare extensive plans for tax planning and Medi-Cal Planning.

What Our Estate Plan Includes

Living Trust

A Living Trust is an entity that may take ownership of your property while you are living and protect it after your passing. With a living trust, you can continue to benefit from the assets placed into a trust, and retain control of your assets as trustee(s). When the time comes, your trust will legally own your assets and your successor trustee will take control to execute your wishes; with a living trust your assets will be protected from the probate process.


A will is one of the most standard and well known of all estate planning tools, and as part of a full estate plan a will can help ensure that your wishes are met and your assets protected upon your death.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney provide direction for the appointment of a proxy to make important financial and legal decisions for you should you ever become unable to do so yourself, due to physical or mental incapacity.

Advance Health Care Directives

An advance health care directive is similar to the designation of power of attorney, but for medical purposes; it provides a way for you to direct medical care and health-related decisions should you become incapacitated, and to appoint an agent to make important decisions.

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      Estate Planning with BLG

      Estate planning is not just about money, wealth, or physical assets: It is about caring for the people who matter most to you, even after you are gone; it is about protecting yourself; and, it is about leaving a legacy of which you can be proud. Our team is passionate about these matters, and always available to help you with your estate planning needs. Contact The Boutique Law Group today to learn more.

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