Estate Planning and the Holiday Season

The holiday season reminds us of why it is important to prepare an estate plan. It is a season to reflect on family relations and friendships. It is also a season of stress. Here are just a few ways this holiday season might inspire you to prepare or update your estate plan:

1. Loved Ones.
Spending time with […]

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Estate Planning for the Modern Family

Family was once a simply defined concept, but the modern concept of family is anything but simple. Planning an estate especially for your specific family structure, dynamic, and needs is important.
The traditional idea of what a family looks like is fading in America today. More divorces, more remarriages, more step and half siblings, and blurred […]

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Do I Need to Pay Taxes if I Inherit or am Gifted Money

If you recently inherited a sum of money, were gifted a sum of money, or know that you will soon, you may be wondering if you will be required to pay taxes on it. It all depends on the situation, you may need to pay taxes on it, but you may not. Is this an […]

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