New Years Resolution – Take Care of Mom’s Estate

It’s all too common a story when someone discovers they need to administer a loved one’s estate, via probate or trust administration, when they need to do something to the house. If you inherited a house and the deed was never changed, chances are you have some work to do. You may have been putting […]

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How Do I Know I Need a Probate?

Do I Need a Probate?
After the death of a loved one, there are a lot of mysteries about how to proceed and what to do with his or her assets, property, and debts. One main question is whether you need a probate.

The simplest answer is, if the deceased owned real property in his or her own […]

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After You Die, Who’s Responsible for Your Debt?

What happens to the mortgage, the medical bills, the credit card bills, the taxes and other debts after someone dies? Is the family responsible for paying the debts? The estate? Do they disappear?

After someone passes away, debts appear to pile up. The family is often left wondering what to do and if the debts need […]

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How to Sell the House After the Death of a Loved-One

How to Sell the House After the Death of a Loved-One
The thought of selling a loved one’s real property after their death can be daunting. The title needs to be cleared, because a deceased property owner cannot sign the documents to sell their house. The home may be full of their personal property, or may […]

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Dealing with Family Dynamics During Probate

Probate is a difficult process no matter the circumstances, the legal complexities are enough to deal with, but family dynamics can make a bad situation worse.

A main factor in the pain and difficulty of a probate is the family dynamic. Family relations and tensions can be escalated by the death of a loved one and […]

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Can You Go Through Probate Without an Attorney?

After the passing of a loved one, the thought of facing the probate court can be daunting; it is a complicated and intimidating process with decisions which have significant financial and legal consequences. A common thought is whether an attorney is necessary, or whether it can be done alone.

The simple answer is: yes, you can […]

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How Much Do Probate Attorneys Cost?

The most common concern about hiring an attorney for a probate is the cost, this concern is usually uninformed, and understanding probate attorney’s fees is essential in deciding whether to hire one. Here’s what you need to know about probate attorneys’ fees.

The main reason beneficiaries and administrators make the ill-advised decision not to hire an […]

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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Filing Probate Alone

Technically, individuals can attempt to file a probate without an attorney. Navigating the probate court alone, however, can lead to a number of common mistakes, which can lead to serious consequences.
Probate is an extremely complex legal endeavor, which, unfortunately, is typically coupled with the emotional toll of the loss of a loved one. Despite the […]

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Top 5 Probate Frequently Asked Questions

Probate can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, especially for those inexperienced with the process and the California Probate Court. If you’re named as the administrator or executor, the situation can be even more stressful. It is important to know what you can expect from the process and how to best prepare yourself.

Probate is a […]

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