Child Support & Custody

Possibly the most complicated and emotional aspect of family law matters are children. This is natural, seeing as the family unit is in essence being torn apart. Therefore, child custody and support matters tend to be an emotional and contested aspect in divorce proceedings, especially when both parents are close to their children or when one parent has had virtual control over the children since birth.

Child Custody

Often the best interest of the family is served when the parents create their own custody arrangements, however this is not always possible. Where the parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the court has discretion to make arrangements. The determination of the court is based on the circumstances and fitness of each parent. The various custody aspects which will be determined by the court are: Legal Custody, Physical Custody, Sole Legal Custody, and Joint Legal Custody.

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Child Support

Child support describes the payments made for the day to day care and expenses of a minor child. This, like custody, can be arranged and agreed to between the parties, but typically support is requested of and ordered by the court. Support is generally paid until the child reaches 18 or graduates high school. Changes can be made to support orders, but as with the initial order, any requests for changes must be made with to the court.

Determining child support is done by a complicated formula. This formula is based on the parents’ income, the custody arrangement, and the tax deductions available to each parent. The formula used by the state of California is not used in all child support arrangements. Requesting and determining child support is tricky, it is best done with the help of an experienced attorney.

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