When an adult becomes incapable of managing their affairs or well-being, a conservator may become necessary. Though taking care of a loved one’s affairs may seem a simple task to take over, it can be a complicated legal process.

The conservator is appointed by the court, and may also be referred to as a guardian or a protector. The conservator’s job is to help manage the financial and medical affairs and the daily life of someone who is unable to manage their own affairs—usually because of physical or mental incapacity, including old age.

Though this is a simple enough job description, the actual day-to-day tasks can be quite significant. The legal responsibilities encompassed by a conservatorship are several, and include:

  • Filing of a petition to establish conservatorship
  • Supportive medical evidence collection and filing
  • Management of property and assets
  • Submissions of reports and accountings to the court and interested parties

Navigating a conservatorship is a complex undertaking, and requires—among other things—a clear understanding of what the law entails. That is why seeking formal legal counsel is imperative—and why The Boutique Law Group is happy to help.

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