When the parent or parents of a minor pass away or become otherwise incapacitated, a legal guardian may be appointed as caregiver. While a guardian is much the same in responsibilities as a parent, a guardian also has legal obligations and obstacles associated with guardianship.

A guardian may be appointed through the wishes set forth in a will, but may also be appointed via court decision.

The basic job description of the guardian may sound simple, but in reality the day-to-day undertakings can be rather complex. Just some of the legal responsibilities include:

  • Paperwork and filings specific not only to California, but also specific to counties
  • Notices must be given to all relatives, and interested parties and agencies
  • Recommendations and verifications of fitness and capacity to act as a guardian
  • A court investigator is appointed and must agree with the guardianship recommendation
  • Court proceedings and hearings

Serving as a guardian to a minor—or in some cases multiple minors—is a great responsibility, and even the day-to-day tasks may be, effectively, a full-time job. This is to say nothing of the legal obligations and requirements that compound matters, and make the job that much more complex and daunting. Rather than be intimidated by this undertaking, though, we invite you to enlist The Boutique Law Group in addressing all the legal matters associated with a guardianship. We can help keep the process as smooth and as streamlined as possible.

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