With every new estate planning client, the most important we ask question is: What are your estate planning goals? Every client is different. Every Estate Plan is therefore different.

A few common estate planning goals are:

Planning and Providing for Loved Ones.

This is probably the most common estate planning goal. Most people elect to plan their estate in the interest of their spouses, children, self or others for if they should become incapacitated or pass away.

Minimizing Taxes.

Another common estate planning goal is to minimize tax burdens for while the planner is still living and after their passing.

Protecting Assets.

Protecting property and assets is often a high priority for families when planning an estate. Estate planning helps to minimize the loss to an estate from the probate process and can protect a family from legal battles because wishes are clear and known.

Asset Control and Management.

Estate planning allows for planning for the future and the present, protecting interests in properties, and maintaining control while still living and capable. Also beneficial, a prepared estate allows for assets to be managed should the planner become incapacitated or pass away.


A planned estate often remains a private estate. Probate is a long and public process. A trust helps to keep assets and family affairs within the family and avoid the public nature of probate.

What is not commonly known about estate planning is that it is an inexpensive and simple process which is invaluable to a family. Reaching your estate planning goal or goals is far easier than you may think. Contact our estate planning team at The Boutique Law Group to learn more about preparing a plan that fits your needs and to schedule your free consultation.