The holiday season reminds us of why it is important to prepare an estate plan. It is a season to reflect on family relations and friendships. It is also a season of stress. Here are just a few ways this holiday season might inspire you to prepare or update your estate plan:

1. Loved Ones.

Spending time with family and friends is precious, and we try to make a greater effort to around this time of year. When you spend more time with loved ones this year, think about the protection an estate plan will provide for them and for you. An estate plan will allow your family and friends to know your wishes, for who will take care of you and your affairs when you are unable, and for the disposition of your assets after you are gone. A planned estate is a gift not only for yourself, but for those you love.

2. Not-So-Loved Ones.

Feuds and drama are part of many families, and the holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in a family. Allowing a feud to be escalated by an unclear or non-existent estate plan only makes matters worse. Preparing an estate protects loved ones from future legal battles and even from extra turmoil when you are aging and after you have passed.

3. $$$.

The holidays are expensive. Gifts, dinners, drinks, travel, it all adds up. An estate plan can protect you and your loved ones from some unexpected (and major) expenses later on. Conservatorships, guardianships, and probate are all expensive consequences you and your family could face with an unprepared or poorly prepared estate. Gifting yourself or your loved ones an estate plan lasts long beyond the holiday season, and gives the gift of saved expense and stress later.

An estate plan is a gift for a whole family. A well prepared estate can save stress, fighting and money for years to come. When celebrating this holiday season with your loved ones, think about how you will continue showing your love beyond this season.

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