Medi-Cal & Long Term Care Planning

Planning for the future can often involve planning for the possibility of long term care. Medi-Cal is a program which helps provide the often necessary long term care people need, but at a price. Medi-Cal patients must not only qualify for long term care benefits, they must also share the cost, this includes after death, when assets may be leveraged to pay for any long term care received through Medi-Cal. It is often important to consider your assets and the legacy you wish to leave your family and loved ones when considering long term care.

Qualifying for long term care benefits can be the first hurdle in this type of planning. There are asset and income requirements to be met, which apply to both an individual and their spouse. These requirements can be confusing and often misunderstood, some assets are counted, while others are exempt or unavailable to be applied to your share of the cost. It is important to consult not only the Medi-Cal eligibility center, but also knowledgeable advisors. We are able to help you to understand qualification, and to plan your estate to make qualification easier.

Paying for long term care is a whole other hurdle to overcome when planning for the future. The state can often seek reimbursement for benefits paid from an individual’s estate after death. We can assist you and your family with planning to both pay for long term care, and with preserving the assets you wish to pass to your beneficiaries.

We are able to assist our clients who are planning for long term care through Medi-Cal with qualifying for benefits and with minimizing their share of the cost. We can assist our clients to legally preserve most, if not all, of their assets for themselves and their beneficiaries, from cost-sharing and from recovery claims from the state. Long term care is often necessary, we can help with qualifying for care, and preserving assets at the same time.

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