What’s the most important thing on your New Years Resolution List for 2017?

Its something most people put off until it’s urgent or too late, but an estate plan is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family. You may know you need one, you may think you’re too young to bother, or you may believe its not urgent enough to bother with this year. Preparing your Estate Plan should be on the top of your list to do in 2017.

It’s not too early for an Estate Plan.

The excuse most give for not having one prepared yet is that there is no need for an estate plan until you’re old or on death’s doorstep. They are wrong. An estate plan is essential to protect both you and your family for aging and for the unexpected alike. If something were to happen to you or your spouse, what would you do? What would your family do? Are your medical wishes known? Who will take care of your children? These are morbid but important questions. Life is full of surprises, but an estate plan provides peace of mind that you are prepared for those surprises.

You probably do need some plan in order.

Estate plans are not only for the wealthy or elite, just about everyone should have at least some estate planning documents in order. For property owners, a trust is usually needed to help protect your family and estate from probate. For parents of young children, an estate plan can allow you to make your wishes for your children’s care known and protect them from a prolonged guardianship process. For everyone else, an estate plan provides your loved ones with instruction and peace of mind regarding your medical and financial care should something happen to you.

The consultation is free, and the plan is invaluable.

Another reason people give for putting off preparing their estate plan is the expense. The peace of mind an estate plan provides, however, is invaluable. The protection of your assets from probate, the protection of you and your family from conservatorship and guardianship proceedings, and more provide savings far beyond the cost of an estate plan.


At the Boutique Law Group, we provide our clients with a free consultation to determine what is needed, or not needed, by each individual client. We then prepare an estate plan specifically tailored to each client’s specific wishes, needs and family. We pride ourselves on our process and our happy clients. Contact us to learn more about estate planning and to schedule your free consultation: (310)439-5670 or blgcal.com.