Small Estate Affidavit

Probate is not the means of administering the estate of a deceased individual with no trust. When an individual passes away, and the value of their estate at the date of death is worth less than $150,000, a full probate may not be necessary, in these cases a small estate affidavit may be needed to administer the estate.

This process is far less complex and time consuming than a full probate or trust administration, but still involves the court and various responsibilities for the administrator. If not properly handled, a small estate administration can become a larger ordeal, proper legal assistance can be essential. The Boutique Law Group can assist families with obtaining a small estate affidavit, and with ensuring proper administration of the estate assets, often involving closing accounts, and preparing and selling real property and vehicles.

We have extensive experience and are happy to assist families in the administration of estates through small estate affidavits. If you are in need of a small estate affidavit or have questions regarding the use of a small estate affidavit, please contact our office for a consultation

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