Trust Administration Attorney

When a loved one passes away with a proper trust, probate is avoided, but legal obligations still exist for the successor trustee. We can help with accountings and other administrative tasks and legal obligations that are required of successor trustees when administering a trust, ultimately ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are carried out as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Legal assistance with the trust administration process often keeps the process simplified, avoiding contests and litigation.

A trustee has numerous legal obligations and responsibilities in the administration of a trust. This can be complicated and time consuming, and any mistakes can lead to legal issues or disputes.Just some of the responsibilities of a trustee:

  • Ensuring the wishes of the deceased are properly carried out.
  • Acting in the best interests of the estate, avoiding conflicts of interest and personal profit.
  • Providing the proper notices and accountings to all interested parties and the court.
  • In many cases, selling the real property and properly accounting and distributing proceeds.
  • Filing and handling the estate‚Äôs taxes.

A trustee is legally required to uphold his or her responsibilities as trustee, and any mistake, intentional or not, may lead to legal issues or even trust litigation. We can help with the obligations of a trustee to ensure the proper administration of the trust, avoiding legal complications. This will not only expedite the process, but also provide peace of mind to the trustee, all the members of the familyand those named as beneficiaries of the trust.

In addition to assistance with the legal obligations of a trustee, we can also assist with other aspects of administering a trust, including property clean outs, estate sales, and real property sales. We have extensive experience in assisting trustees with responsible trust administration, while retaining the integrity of the estate, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, and putting families at ease.

The trust administration process is a complex one. Let us help you navigate it. To schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact our team at your next convenience.

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