Trust Disputes & Litigation

When a loved one leaves behind a trust, it is intended to provide security and financial support for beneficiaries. Unfortunately, there are many issues which can arise when administering a trust, and beneficiaries’ interests may not always be upheld and the deceased’s legacy may not be preserved. When these issues arise, it is important that action be taken. When a trust is being mismanaged, the guidance and assistance of a qualified trust litigation attorney is essential.

The Boutique Law Group has handled a multitude of trust disputes and litigation cases, and has the expertise to handle a variety of cases. When disputes arise, there are several ways to remedy them and reach a solution and to best administer an estate. We strive to reach resolution through non-litigation means whenever possible, and reserve litigation as a last resort. With that said, we will passionately and aggressively defend the interests of our clients when necessary.

There are may ways for trust disputes and litigation to arise, common causes of litigation involve:

  • Misappropriation of trust funds or non-performance of duties by trustee.
  • Poor interpretation of trust language.
  • The legality or legitimacy of a trust.

When there is any cause for concern for a trustee’s management of an estate or for the legitimacy of the trust and its interpretation, it is important to seek legal counsel. It is important to address any and all issues in a trust administration, because a seemingly minor issue can quickly grow to a major one.

Our team at The Boutique Law Group is ready to assist trustees and beneficiaries with all issues related to trust administration and litigation, keeping the best interests of the trust, its beneficiaries and our clients at the center of our work. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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