While you may have prepared your will and set out your estate plan long ago, your life has not stood still, so neither should your estate planning documents. Regularly reviewing and updating your estate plan will help ensure parts will not become obsolete.

When you should update your estate plan:

Every few years as needed.

After major life events such as marriage, divorce, children, a death in the family, and real property purchases.

After major relationship changes.

Your life does not stop after you draft your estate plan, so your estate plan shouldn’t either. Your estate plan should reflect your most up-to-date wishes for your loved ones and assets.

Updating your estate plan does not have to be too time consuming or complicated. Our estate planning team is happy to meet with you, review your existing documents, and explore your options and needs. Contact The Boutique Law Group, APLC today to learn how we can help you ensure your estate plan reflects your current wishes.